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Paw Paw Lake Boat Parade
Saturday, August xx, 2013
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Welcome to the Paw Paw Lake Association

The Paw Paw Lake Association (PPLA) is a non-profit, member-supported association of lake property owners who conduct and support efforts to protect and increase lake property value, protect riparian rights and interests, and improve the health of Paw Paw Lake and it's watershed, promote safe recreation on the lake and build cooperation between lake property owers and the greater community.  It works to promote growth around the lake in a reasonable and environmentally sensite way.

PPLA provides a forum for members and others to address issues of concern to members and determine appropriate actions.  PPLA is funded through member dues and contributions.

We are dedicated to preserving, protecting, and managing the quality of Paw Paw Lake for the enjoyment of our residents, visitors and futere

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